Adoption Process

Thank you for your interest in adopting one of our puppies. You can begin the adoption process by emailing Interested individuals can place a deposit to secure a position on a litter selection list. All individuals on a litter selection list will be notified of litter progress from conception to picking up your puppy through facebook, email, and phone. No puppies can be taken home before 8 weeks of age.


We prefer not to ship our puppies. Our preference is that you come to our home to select your puppy and take him or her home. We like to meet our customers. Under very special circumstances we have shipped our puppies. Please contact us for further consideration. We will work with you to help you get your new puppy home. We have met customers half way for a fee. We reserve the right to choose not to ship our puppies.


Our 2018 F1 and F1b Miniature/Medium Goldendoodles are $1950 plus tax. A $350 deposit is required to secure a position on a litter selection list.The final payment of $1717 (tax included) will be due at puppy pick up and must be in the form of cash, certified bank check made out to Crescent Moon Kennel or can be made through PayPal with an additional 4% fee. Lately we prefer to wait for the arrival of our puppies to take deposits and we make these announcements on facebook. Our children and fuzzy family members all deserve adequate attention and not keeping lists for long periods of time allows us to have down time between litters and focus more energy to our family and farm. It has simply been too dificult to keep up with demand and respond to customers year round. Thank you for your understanding!

Deposit and Availability Policy

A $350 deposit is required to be placed on a litter selection list. Lists will be generated for mediums and minis. The first person to place a deposit on a litter has first pick as puppies become available. The puppy selection continues in the order deposits have been received. A deposit must be received to be placed on the litter list. Should you choose to withdraw your name prior to the birth of the puppies, there is a $100 fee. All deposits are completely non-refundable once puppies are born. Deposits are completely transferable to future litters should you choose not to select a puppy from the current litter. Individuals who do not receive a puppy from the current litter will be transferred in the same order to the following litter. In the event that we fail to conceive an expected litter, all individuals will be transfered to the next available litter.


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